Exum Communications places a great deal of importance on the service that we provide to our customers.  We will guarantee to all of our Preferred Customers:

We will answer within an hour any service call you considered to be an emergency or priority problem.

Our efforts to remain at the forefront of the communications industry demand that we use only the latest and most efficient architecture for connectivity throughout a building or campus.  This means that fiber optic cable is our choice when it comes to our customers having the best in communication systems.


Voice Data Fiber Optic

We offer the following services:
         Aerial Installation
         Underground Installation - Direct burial or enclosed in conduit
         Inter-Building Cable Installation
         Riser and Horizontal Cable Installation
         WIC Enclosures or Rack-Mounted Light Guide Distribution Panels
         Strand counts available from two (2) to unlimited
         Sumitomo FutureFlex Air Blown Fiber Certified Installer
         100Mhz Category 5 Class II
"Circuit installation in accordance with EIA/TIA TSB-67 "